Paying for your game is simple - our board is designed with built-in advertising spaces, which you can to sell to local companies to earn revenue. By following our pricing recommendations, these up-front sales will pay for the cost of your games!
The biggest benefit is that, once paid for, your organization can now sell each game at 100% profit to maximize your fundraising success. We've created our product to be better for YOU - no profit sharing from coupon books, candy sales or magazine subscriptions ever again!

Advertising Spaces in the Game

Property Spaces

There are 40 property total, and all can accommodate advertising space. These spaces typically show a logo and a small amount of text. On an order of 500 games, the average selling price for each space is $225.

Game Money

Advertising spaces on game cash are typically highly desirable locations for local banks, credit unions, or financial advisors. There are seven available spaces on game currency – one advertiser for each type of bill. Bills come in $500, $100, $50, $20, $10, $5 and $1.

Opoly Cards

Yellow cards are customized for your town, so you actually can choose a name for the cards! The cards can accommodate advertising space on the front and the backs. Many customers successfully upsell advertisers that buy property spaces to get them additional exposure. There are 16 game cards. The advertiser will also get their logo on the permanent board spot where the cards are placed.

Fate Cards

There are 16 total Fate Cards (orange). The front of the cards show generic game fates, but the backs of the cards can accommodate advertising if needed.

Deed Cards

Deed cards match property spaces, so an advertiser that buys a property space will also have their business name on a deed card. The backs of these cards can accommodate advertising, which can be a great option for real estate companies or mortgage lenders.

Board Sponsor List

In addition to property spaces, the Sponsor Ad List is a list of one line ads that are placed in the center of the game board. Individuals, clubs and organizations are another great source of potential sponsors. You can add up to 50 Sponsor List Ads, which typically sell for $50 each, potentially raising an additional $2,500.

Included In Your Game Package

- Full color box top
- Full color game board with logos
- Customized game money
- Houses, hotels, two die, game movers and instructions
- Custom Printing on game cards
- Property deed cards
- Each game professionally assembled and shrink wrapped
- Additional options available to further customize your Opoly-Game

Pricing FAQs

Most of our frequently asked questions are regarding game quantities, profit expectations, game pricing and advertising revenues. We've compiling helpful answers along with some easy math to help you understand all of the pricing details needed to make smart decisions!

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