Paying for your game is simple - our board is designed with built-in advertising spaces, which you can to sell to local companies to earn revenue. By following our pricing recommendations, these up-front sales will pay for the cost of your games!
The biggest benefit is that, once paid for, your organization can now sell each game at 100% profit to maximize your fundraising success. We've created our product to be better for YOU - no profit sharing from coupon books, candy sales or magazine subscriptions ever again!
Number Of Games Cost Per Game Average Ad Space Cost Estimated Profit
350 $23.50 $165 $10,500
500 $22.50 $225 $15,000
750 $21.50 $320 $22,500
1000 $20.50 $400 $30,000
1500 $19.50 $585 $45,000
2000 $19.00 $760 $60,000
3000 $18.50 $1,100 $90,000

Remember, your ad sale revenue will cover the COMPLETE cost of your game to produce! When you get your games you will sell them at 100% profit!

Also a 50% deposit is not required until you sell all of your ad spaces! ZERO RISK!

Included In Your Game Package

Pricing FAQs

Most of our frequently asked questions are regarding game quantities, profit expectations, game pricing and advertising revenues. We've compiling helpful answers along with some easy math to help you understand all of the pricing details needed to make smart decisions!

Join thousands of satisfied organizations and take the first steps to raising money for your cause.

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