How It Works

How The Program Works

Our board uses an easy template to customize a game for your city or town. You have the option to design your own board, or we’ll help organize your photos into a stylish, appealing board design for you at no extra cost! If you have ideas about the game name, pictures you would like on the box/board top or any suggestions you can let us know and we will do our best to turn your ideas into reality!

How The Fundraising Works

The game spaces and some game elements on your custom TownopolyTM board are designed to be sold to local businesses. By selling these spaces to local banks, HVAC companies, real estate companies, electricians, plumbers, etc., you will generate enough revenue up-front to cover the complete cost of your board! In turn, those businesses will have a fun, unique method of advertising to the local area. Since you’ve covered the game cost through advertising sales, once you start selling the game, your revenue from games sales is 100% profit for your organization!

Opoly Games

Learn about the advantages of our fundraising program and how the entire cost of your game is covered by ad sales!

Your Townopoly Creation & Ordering Process

Step 1

Your organization decides to start a fundraiser using Opoly Games to create a one of a kind custom Townopoly board game featuring local businesses and landmarks from your own town!
Your group begins by presenting & selling the idea to local businesses and if they are interested, gather all their advertising graphics and anything they want to show in their ad spot. This can include logos, phone numbers, website URLs & more.

Step 2

Step 3

After gathering the advertising information from local businesses, you upload them to us and we begin designing your custom Townopoly board game.
Once we finish designing your Townopoly game we will send you proofs and once they are approved we begin printing, assembling, & boxing your game to send to you!

Step 4

Step 5

You receive your custom Townopoly board games and start selling them at 100% profit to raise funds for your cause!

We’ve created an easy step-by-step informational guide to help walk you through the recommended process of getting your own custom TownopolyTM game created and sold! Download the PDF from the link below to get started.

Join thousands of satisfied organizations and take the first steps to raising money for your cause.

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