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You’re total fundraising earnings depend on two factors: 1) how many games you buy/sell and 2) how much advertising you sell on the game board to cover expenses. Our customers typically sell advertising only to cover expenses, and not as a profit generator. If your ad sales pay for the cost of game printing, your revenue will then depend on how many games you buy and sell. Games typically sell for $30.

  • Example with expenses covered:
  • 500 games x $30/game = $15,000 profit
  • 1000 games x $30/game = $30,000 profit

Our fundraising program is designed to cover your expenses through advertising sales, so we recommend that you order as many games as your advertisers will support. That means if you can sell enough advertising to cover the cost of 1,500 games – buy 1,500 games. If advertising sales only support 500 games, buy 500 games. This ensures that you are maximizing the potential profits for your organization, without having any out-of-pocket expenses.

Yes, we save all of the artwork and game files if you need to reorder. However, we recommend to our customers to order more games the first time, rather than having to reorder (see above “How Many Games Should I Order?”). The reason for this is that it is usually harder to sell advertising spaces back-to-back a second time. For instance, we see better results when customers order 1,000 games up-front, rather than two batches of 500 games.

A main feature of our advertising process is you don’t have to pay until you have gathered almost all of your ad revenue! This means ZERO out of pocket costs! The game cost is covered 100% by your ad sales.

Don’t worry! Even if you aren’t able to sell all your games, there are creative ways to make sure your games are getting out into the hands of locals. Remember, your advertisers want people to see their ads while playing the game, so don’t put extra games in the storage closet. We’ve had customers give them away as presents, add them to giveaways, include them in prize packages or give them to companies that advertised on the board – these are all great options to make sure people are playing the game.

We have a minimum order quantity of 350 games but our typical order quantity ranges from 500-600 games. We recommend buying as many games as your advertising revenues will support (see above “How Many Games Should I Order?”). If you plan to sell more games, this also means that you can charge your advertising partners more because they are getting more visibility to the local public!  For example, on an order of 500 games, a typical game space ad might be $250. If you order 1,000 games, however, that ad space is worth $500 due to the increased visibility for the advertiser. This ensures that you will be able to cover the costs of your game board if you order more games.

Delivery times have been severely impacted by the pandemic. Timelines are ultimately based around our annual print schedule, component supply, and seasonal demand. We have set print dates that can be viewed here, but these are subject to change, and we will add print dates if we need to keep up with periods of high demand.

Our pricing and quantites can be found on our pricing page here

Shipping costs are always changing so we can not give an estimate until games are ready to ship. Shipping costs are also covered by ad sales!

If you are local and would like to pick up your games in person instead of getting them shipped to you that is fine. Just remember, depending on the quantity of games you ordered you will probably need a large trailer or enclosed truck to carry them all.

We currently do not offer customization of the peg movers. We just include our standard movers. If you would like to include custom peg movers you would have to ship them to us and we will include them in your games!

We mainly use Dropbox & email to gather advertisement graphics. If you would like to get a game created please contact us and we can share a Dropbox folder with you so you can start uploading your ads.

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