How The Program Works

Our board uses an easy template to customize a game for your city or town. You have the option to design your own board, or we'll help organize your photos into a stylish, appealing board design for you. Get started creating your own TownopolyTM today or learn more about how our game provides a superior, no-risk fundraising program!

Your TownopolyTM Creation & Ordering Process

We’ve created an easy step-by-step informational guide to help walk you through the recommended process of getting your own custom TownopolyTM game created and sold! Download the PDF from the link below to get started.

How The Fundraising Works

The game spaces and some game elements on your custom TownopolyTM board are designed to be sold to local businesses. By selling these spaces to local banks, HVAC companies, real estate companies, electricians, plumbers, etc., you will generate enough revenue up-front to cover the complete cost of your board! In turn, those businesses will have a fun, unique method of advertising to the local area. Since you've covered the game cost through advertising sales, once you start selling the game, your revenue from games sales is 100% profit for your organization!

Learn about the advantages of our fundraising program and how you can cover the expense of your board through advertising sales.

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